Niggles, Aches And Pains

How you feel in early pregnancy is individual to you. It is normal to feel well in early pregnancy, but almost all women feel tired. Aches and pains in the lower tummy, although alarming, can be normal and their appearance does not mean that something bad is going on. It can be due to simple things like stretching of ligaments and simple painkillers (paracetamol in normal doses) can help. Problems with your bowels like constipation, which is common in early pregnancy, can also cause some aches and pains in the lower part of your tummy. It is common for women to describe symptoms like those of premenstrual tension (PMS) in early pregnancy, such as bloating.

If you have any stinging or burning when you pass urine, you may have a bladder infection. These are more common in pregnancy and you should contact your midwife or GP so that a urine test can be arranged. Antibiotics may be prescribed. If the pain is severe, you should speak to your own doctor (GP). Pain in the lower tummy with bleeding may imply a problem like miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, and you can contact GP or your local Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) for advice (see map on website for details).